Sustaining the natural world as the vital livelihood of future generations.

We support initiatives that generate new, socially relevant findings.

We need new ways to include the elderly in our daily lives.

Every person has a purpose in life and a place in the world.

Strengthening children and teens in their unique development potential.

Personal development results in changes that last for a lifetime.

By making grants, we help people to help themselves.

The act of giving requires us to commit our very hearts to the future of a project and to a group of people.

Setting tangible examples for the future of our world.

Personal contact with the people engaged in a project is crucial for us.

We help our project partners to realise their initiatives responsibly, for the well-being of others and of our society as a whole.


The Software AG Foundation

  • helps independent organisations and initiatives to obtain the necessary funding to carry out their plans.

  • provides funding in a measured and targeted way, because it believes that disproportionate donations can threaten a project's social impetus.
  • supports projects that put meaningful ideas into action, that directly improve the well-being of our communities and that set examples for the future.
  • focuses on addressing socially relevant issues.

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When examining the development of calf rearing techniques in the last few decades, it is striking that the natural approach of rearing on the mother has been replaced - with great effort - by an artificial approach that separates the calf from its mother. The practice of isolating calves is often justified with the argument that this lessens the...

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The so-called MINT subjects (math, IT, natural sciences, and technology) are, while important for society, disliked by many students and often seen as "dry." But the Emile Montessori School in the East of Munich is demonstrating that this doesn't have to be the case. Here, environmental questions expand the spectrum of inquiry, and regular...

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Integrating people with mental illnesses into the daily working world and thus into society: this is the goal of Regenbogen Arbeit - "Rainbow Work" - a non-profit organization that manages a total of eleven integrated workplaces in the Munich area. Recently the fresh foods operation moved to a larger and better-equipped facility in order to further...

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