Since 2001, the Federal Ministry for Food and Agriculture has annually recognized three agricultural companies for implementing new ideas and contributing to the future of organic agriculture. In 2018, one of the farms was Dottenfelderhof in Bad Vilbel, Germany.

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Artist and project manager Christoph Teixeira speaks in an interview about the Software AG Foundation's new logo, his artistic strategy, and the intended effect of the new colors and forms.

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Monday 04. December 2017

A Fresh Start in.... December!

A fresh start - at least in terms of the Software AG Foundation's external appearance. With the latest issue of the foundation's magazine, "Implizit," the foundation reveals its new logo as well as its updated corporate design.

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You may have noticed that the Software AG Foundation has not yet published its annual report this year. This is due to an intensive process of corporate redesign that the foundation is currently undertaking. We all highly anticipate the appearance of our new foundation magazine featuring our "new look".

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"The work of the Stanisław Karłowski Foundation in the area of vocational and social rehabilitation for people with disabilities is an example worth imitating " – this was the verdict of the jury of the LODOŁAMACZE (ice breaker) competition on the social therapy project in Juchowo, Poland. These words are also printed on the certificate that...

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