40 Years of Research and Plant Breeding: SAGST Congratulates Dottenfelderhof Farm on its Anniversary

40 Years of Research at Dottenfelderhof

On July 1, around 150 people, including guests from the Czech Republic and Switzerland, celebrated the 40th anniversary of the "FDZ" (research and plant breeding at Dottenfelderhof Farm) in Bad Vilbel. Dr. Harmit Spieß, a trained agriculturalist, has worked on the biodynamically managed farm since 1977, researching plant health, chronobiology, and fertilizer as well as breeding organic grain and vegetable varieties. 21 of his varieties have entered the seed market. The Software AG Foundation congratulates Dr. Harmut Spieß, as well as his colleague Dieter Bauer (whom we have to thank for for, among other things, the much-loved "Rodelika" carrot), and their teams. You can read the complete success story (in German).