"An Example worth Imitating" - Large-Scale Project in Juchowo Honored

Regional Award Ceremony. Photo: Juchowo

"The work of the Stanisław Karłowski Foundation in the area of vocational and social rehabilitation for people with disabilities is an example worth imitating " – this was the verdict of the jury of the LODOŁAMACZE (ice breaker) competition on the social therapy project in Juchowo, Poland. These words are also printed on the certificate that accompanies the silver medal they were awarded. As a result, Juchowo, a large-scale project of the Software AG Foundation, can now be found on a list of "socially sensitive" employers that the competition, now in its twelfth year, produces. The award is given to companies, institutions, organizations, and individuals who, for example, support people with disabilities and provide them with jobs.

Wilfried Schneider has supervised the development of social therapy in Juchowo since its inception as project manager at the Software AG Foundation. He congratulated our "friends in Juchowo" on this special award: "We are especially pleased because this silver medal is an external confirmation of your work. The project did not nominate itself for the award - it was nominated by the Marshal of the West Pomeranian Voivodeship. It is all the more wonderful to see how our colleagues' exceptional dedication is now bearing fruit and attracting the attention of politicians and the wider public." Social therapy as a beneficial impulse has taken root in this region, and is radiating far beyond it. This also fulfills one of the goals of the Software AG Foundation, namely to empower and support model projects that can serve as examples for further social development. The awardees were first honored regionally, and today a celebratory gala was held in in Warsaw to honor the exemplary commitment of the winners.