At the close of the year Walter Hiller will begin a well-earned retirement after many years of service for SAGST, starting in 2002 as a member of the Board of Trustees. In an interview, our "foreign minister" reflects on an exciting professional career and a "very fulfilling time at SAGST."

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The Hofgut Oberfeld farm is enjoying a great deal of popularity. Whether for living and working, purchasing the farm's products, or relaxation: people from Darmstadt and the surrounding region are very fond of coming here. It's a lively place for an encounter - with agriculture as the common ground.

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Restful sleep is important for mental and physical well-being. But for more and more people in Germany, this is only a dream.

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At the beginning of the year, Ökologische Tierzucht gGmbH (ÖTZ), a non-profit initiative for organic animal breeding, asked natural food retailers and consumers to support an initiative for more independent poultry breeding - with one cent for each organic egg.

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The school "Campus Wien West" in Vienna, Austria combines Waldorf and Montessori students under one roof, where they prepare jointly to take the International Baccalaureate, a university entrance examination. Alanus University carried out a scientific study of the pioneering phase of this unique program – and the results are extremely positive.

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