The act of giving requires us to commit our very hearts to the future of a project and to a group of people.


Funding Principles

Our grant making is guided by the following principles:

  • We help independent organisations and initiatives to obtain the necessary resources to carry out their projects.
  • We support projects in a measured and targeted way, because we believe that disproportionate donations can threaten a project's social impetus.
  • Our grants should be understood as a means to help people to help themselves.
  • We want to fund projects that put meaningful ideas into action, that directly improve the well-being of our communities and that set examples for the future.
  • Project initiators are expected to demonstrate a high degree of motivation, commitment and personal responsibility.
  • Personal contact with the individuals involved in the project is critical for us.
  • We provide immediate and direct support in order to ensure that administrative and bureaucratic overhead in projects is minimized.