Organisation of the Foundation

The Board of Trustees of the foundation ensures compliance with the will and intentions of the founder and the constitution. It advises the Executive Board as it carries out the foundation's tasks.

The Founder and Chairman of the Board sets the overall strategic direction of the foundation and determines the framework for asset management.

The Executive Board coordinates the implementation of the foundation's tasks and manages the foundation's assets. The board holds regular sessions with project managers to decide about the funding of grant proposals.

The Executive Board consists of:

Dr. h. c. Peter Schnell (Founder and Chairman)
Achim Grenz (Managing Director)
Helmut Habermehl (Managing Director)
Markus Ziener (Managing Director)

The Executive Board of Software AG Foundation, from left to right : Helmut Habermehl, Markus Ziener, Dr. h. c. Peter Schnell, Achim Grenz. Photo: Uwe Ditz

A team of project managers maintains close contact with applicants and project partners to support them both during and after the grant application process.

The asset managers manage the foundation's endowment, which produces the current earnings. 

The foundation gained its name when the shares of Software AG were transferred to the foundation as an endowment. Despite the similarity of the names, the company and the foundation are legally independent entities. 

The foundation is based in Darmstadt.