Strengthening children and teens in their unique development potential.


Children and Youth

The periods of childhood and young adulthood are of critical importance for personality development and participation in sociocultural life. Today, the oft-quoted "village" that it takes to raise a child is no longer available to many children and youth. The Software AG Foundation supports projects for children and youth that strengthen them in their individuality and foster their developmental potential. 

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Current Projects

Bare walls, grey linoleum floors, neon lighting – the intensive care station is not the kind of place where children and adolescents can develop in age-appropriate ways. Yet some children have to spend a majority of their lives in such an environment because they rely on constant mechanical respiration. The Luftikus organization was founded with...

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When children become severely or terminally ill or experience the loss of a near relative, the most important thing - next to the best possible medical care - is gentle caregiving. During this time it is of the utmost importance that the child, siblings and family members all receive the support they need to manage trauma and avoid long-term...

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