Every person has a purpose in life and a place in the world.


It's more than a law of physics that "like attracts like": countless scientific studies have demonstrated that people are more likely to trust and cooperate with those who are most like them. This principle forms the basis of peer counselling.

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The coffee roasting company started by a social therapy community in Kehna is a real success story. With the support of the Software AG Foundation, the coffee roaster was able to move to larger premises. This increases the economic basis of the company and promotes a workplace model that promotes cooperative partnerships with people with...

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A very special hotel is opening in Oldenburg: the "Villa Stern" and the attached Café "Schnuppe" are barrier-free and committed to the active cooperation of people with and without disabilities. With the new hotel, the Stiftung Baumhaus (Treehouse Foundation) is continuing its long-standing commitment to creating an inclusive society.


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Integrating people with mental illnesses into the daily working world and thus into society: this is the goal of Regenbogen Arbeit - "Rainbow Work" - a non-profit organization that manages a total of eleven integrated workplaces in the Munich area. Recently the fresh foods operation moved to a larger and better-equipped facility in order to further...

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When children become severely or terminally ill or experience the loss of a near relative, the most important thing - next to the best possible medical care - is gentle caregiving. During this time it is of the utmost importance that the child, siblings and family members all receive the support they need to manage trauma and avoid long-term...

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