Personal development results in changes that last for a lifetime.



Education and personal development are the results of interpersonal contact and encounter. We recognize that education depends above all on the presence of role models. Likewise, personal development is essentially a matter of fostering the potential and abilities that are already present in children and youth. When young people believe that they are capable of determining their own biography, an important foundation for a life-long enthusiasm for learning and intellectual development as well as for healthy personal development has been set.

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Current Projects

At the end of the primary school years, most students in Germany face an important decision: the choice of which type of school to attend next. This decision often determines the type of degree they obtain and thus the further educational journey of the child. A pilot project in Mannheim supported by the Software AG Foundation offered support and...

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Where does our food come from - and where is it actually grown? GemüseAckerdemie (Vegetable Academy) believes that the answer to this question lies in active learning. The organisation enables children and young people, together with their teachers, to plant and grow their own vegetables. In doing so, all of the participants not only learn valuable...

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New Insights

Free alternative schools are unique, even among independent schools in Germany. In an interview, the authors of a study on learning experiences at free alternative schools discuss a form of school that is really formless.

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