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How can learning be designed to take place in real life, and not in an artificially created learning environment? How can a farm provide a basis for such a learning environment - providing the oft-cited "village" that it takes to raise a child? Dr. Tobias Hartkemeyer has been mulling over these questions for quite some time.

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Villa Purzellino is the only kindergarten in the upper Black Forest region for children who are speech-impaired or have special support needs. The school is run by the Freundeskreis für förderungsbedürftige Kinder und Jugendliche Hochschwarzwald e.V., an association for special-needs children and youth in the area.

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About two million of the over 20 million inhabitants of Romania are Roma; more members of this minority group live there than in any other country. The Roma there fight against discrimination and structural disadvantages. Many live literally on the edges of society. For over one million Roma children, these conditions do not offer them a good start...

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