We need new ways to include the elderly in our daily lives.


Elder Care

Two developments have made care of the elderly a central concern for our society. On the one hand, people today live longer than ever before. On the other hand, supportive family and neighborhood structures are deteriorating. In major cities today, around fifty percent of all households are single-person households.

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Current Projects

Growing old with dignity, maintaining quality of life, and remaining as independent as possible - despite dementia - is exactly the challenge being taken on by the Verein für ambulante Sozialdienste e.V., an outpatient social services organisation in Obersteinbach, a village in north-west Bavaria. The association has created an exemplary new way of...

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In the debates about our aging society, dementia is often a focal point. But while it's openly discussed in public, in private the issue is burdened with fear and taboo. "We recognized that dementia is an enormous problem that cannot be solved with professional care operations alone", said Dorothea Petrich of Tausand Taten ("Thousand Deeds"), a...

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New Insights

Working with individuals suffering from dementia is a great challenge for relatives and caregivers. In the Aja Textor-Goethe senior residence in Frankfurt am Main, exemplary work with dementia sufferers has been taking place for many years, and the topic is a major focus in their training seminar on elder care. In 2007, the multiple award-winning...

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