Sustaining the natural world as the vital livelihood of future generations.


Natural Resources

The Software AG Foundation supports the use and development of nature by human beings in such a way that humans remain in intimate relationship with nature and that nature, the vital livelihood of future generations, is itself sustained and nurtured. A conservationist approach, which restricts the access of human beings to nature, is not a part of our funding aims.

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Current Projects

Where does our food come from - and where is it actually grown? GemüseAckerdemie (Vegetable Academy) believes that the answer to this question lies in active learning. The organisation enables children and young people, together with their teachers, to plant and grow their own vegetables. In doing so, all of the participants not only learn valuable...

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In the diverse cultural landscape of Western Pomerania in north-west Poland, the village project Juchowo-Radacz-Kądzielnia was organized more than 10 years ago by the Stanisław Karlowski Foundation. There, a number of families from Central and Western Europe, with a great deal of pioneer spirit and competence, worked together with Polish workers to...

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Visitors who meet one of the individuals who have been working at Juchowo for some time immediately witness the wholesome effects of this environment. Take Szymon, for example, who works in the herb garden and buys juices and syrup from the farm as gifts for family and friends...

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