We support initiatives that generate new, socially relevant findings.


Science and Research

The Software AG Foundation supports scientific projects in the following areas: 

  • Research in biodynamic breeding and agriculture
  • Anthroposophical medicine
  • Education, with an emphasis on teacher training for reform pedagogical schools

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Current Projects

The University of Witten-Herdecke is the first private, state-recognized university in Germany. The university is founded on the conviction that education should be free and autonomous - an ideal that the university's founders considered to be insufficiently implemented at the state universities in the late 1970s and which they decided to realize...

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Among national and international wine growers, an interesting development has taken place in recent years. Numerous wineries, including many that specialise in the production of premium wines, are transitioning from conventional to biodynamic wine growing. Over the course of time, it has become clear that biodynamic methods have a very positive...

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New Insights

In conventional agriculture and livestock breeding, speed and high performance come first, while the well-being of the animals is often a low priority. Ecological farmers have other criteria: in dairy cow breeding, for example, they value long-lived and robust animals that are well suited to their environment. Cattle family breeding, in which the...

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